PolBox.TV presents unlimited access to Polish TV via the internet for Polish people living all over the world. Television has never been more convenient. Tune in within several minutes, get connected to more than 100 Polish best TV channels, a library of 3,000+ HD movies in Polish language and the best local radio stations. Stay in touch with Poland from wherever you are currently residing!

Television on the internet: the invention of the digital world

Internet TV is intended to make your life perfectly simple and joyful by uniting the best features of television and the internet. Here are the key advantages you get by subscribing to Polska HD TV .

1. Easy, quick and cheap installation

No satellite dishes or antennas with roof damaging, no dozens of meters of cable with walls drilling. Even no stacks of fancy and expensive equipment, and no hiring of high-profile engineers to make everything work. It takes minutes and a simple internet connection to access television on the internet.

2. Seamless and enjoyable operation

Compared to regular television, TV online is very much flexible, because:

  • it can be streamed to any screen including that of a TV set, PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone;
  • it is perfectly tailored for all major computer (Windows, MAC OS and Linux) or mobile (iOS and Android) platforms;
  • it works even in the locations with really slow internet connection;
  • the TV program can be adjusted to your schedule or timezone;
  • broadcasted shows can be saved to the special archive so that it is possible to see them later;
  • it is also possible to limit the content of the Polish TV online for children with a special feature called Parental control;
  • different users can watch different content on separate devices simultaneously;
  • you can watch your TV streaming in the background while working on the PC, tablet or mobile phone;
  • get access to interactive content TV channels are offering using the internet;
  • share and exchange experience within the large Polish internet community etc.

3. Major reduction of your expenses

There is a selection of packages that help you save more getting even better performance in return.

4. No maintenance needed

For additional questions related to the application of the service, PolBox.TV provides its customers with the 24/7 hotline with qualified technical staff to respond to them.
Join millions of Poles already enjoying the services of PolBox.TV!


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